Zig Zag Lit Mag was founded by A. Jay Dubberly and Muir Haman during a conversation in which they were reflecting on their workshops. See, both Jay and Muir have been running various creative writing workshops out of the Bixby since the summer of ’14.

In their time, they’ve met a number of talented writers and have successfully started a monthly table-read series where local writers showcase works in progress. There’s been a steady increase in interest in the groups, and some truly stellar work has evolved right before their eyes. If all of this was happening with one small library… imagine the other hidden talent throughout Addison County! That’s their, and our, thinking.

So we figured: Let’s shake it up and give those closet writers a real chance at publication, and let’s put it out there in all the public libraries for anyone who lives in Addison County to read. The real goal of Zig Zag is to give the confidence boost of walking into your local library and being able to find your own writing amongst the Hemingways, Christies, and others. Because real writing isn’t just something that exists on Kindles or mass-market paperbacks, it’s happening all around us all the time.

And that’s how we arrived at our motto:

Read Local. Write Local.

Because cultivating a sustainable arts and literature community is damn—well—important.
Who We Are:

A. Jay Dubberly, Editor in Chief—Jay is a graduate of Goddard College’s MFAW program with a focus on screenwriting. He is an adjunct professor of English and Film, currently working at multiple locations for Community College of Vermont. His first novella, Storm Grey & Stella d’Oro is available through the Vermont Bookshop. He is an avid filmgoer. 



Keith Morrill, Senior Editor—Keith holds his BA in English and Classics and his MAT from the University of Vermont and holds a Certificate in Copyediting from the University of California, San Diego. He is the editor and owner of Little City Editing, a copyeditor for Strange Horizons, a writer of speculative fiction, and a devoted father of three. http://www.littlecityediting.com/



Maddy Willwerth, Design Manager—Maddy moved to California to Vermont and knew she could never leave. She studied multimedia & graphic design at Champlain College. She lives on a half-acre farmstead called Frog in the Wind Farm in Vergennes with her husband, two daughters, dog, and ten hens.

Muir Haman, Editor in Chief—Muir holds his MLIS from Florida State University, and his MA from Bread Loaf School of English. He is the adult services librarian for the Bixby Memorial Free Library. He is a prolific reader. Muir offers a writing workshop on Thursday evenings, call (802) 877-2211 to inquire/sign up.

Patrick Willwerth, Reader—Patrick studied professional writing at Champlain College, and now teaches English at Mount Abraham Union High School. He spends his days going on long walks and tending his chickens. He spends his evenings with his daughters. He is a storyteller, storywriter, and connoisseur of organic garlic.